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Service Enhancements

Service Enhancements

Mar 10, 2017

Massage Enhancements

If you have never tried to upgrade your massage or facial services with an enhancement, you are truly missing out.
Usually before you begin your treatment, your massage therapist or esthetician asks you several questions to see what your area of concern is. This is usually the time when you should spill the beans of where you really need focus. For example, if your neck has been sore and that's what drove you to seek out a massage, you've taken the first step to relieving that pain. To get maximum benefits you could ask your massage therapist to add on an enhancement. For instance, in the scenario above, adding an aromatherapy neck wrap would be beneficial because the massage therapists applies muscle relief gel to the sore area and warmth of the wrap will ease the muscle.
Ask about our massage and facial enhancements before your service, there are several to choose from.

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