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Antioxidant Facial

Antioxidant Facial

Dec 18, 2016

Book an Antioxidant Facial at Napa Massage & Skincare Spa

Napa Massage & Skincare is offering Antioxidant Facials that are perfect for environmentally stressed skin, as well as, hyperpigmentation, signs of aging, dry and dehydrated skin. The ingredients in this treatment help to revitalize the skin and give it a beautiful healthy glow. It’s just one of the many facial options available at Napa Massage and Skincare, utilizing the Image Skincare brand of products.

Many clients are now turning to products that contain Vitamin C, such as Vital-C, by Image Skin Care, to help reduce sun/age spots, fine lines, which can help reveal glowing skin. It’s one of the gentlest treatments on the market today, yet the most effective way to minimize a person’s sun spots with its powerful antioxidants while simultaneously reducing the signs of aging.

The Licensed Estheticians at Napa Massage and Skincare work with clients directly to help them understand the science behind their Antioxidant Facial treatment, as well as what they need to accomplish at home with their daily skincare regimen. With an Image Skincare Custom Skincare Diet, tailored to your skins individual needs, it’s easy to maintain exceptional results for your chief skin concerns.

Clients can book an Antioxidant Facial at Napa Massage & Skincare at a cost of just $95 per one-hour session and those who become members can also save 20% on this price after they sign up! 

To book an Antioxidant Facial with one of the licensed Estheticians at Napa Massage & Skin Care, please contact their team now at 707.252.7079 or visit their business website at 

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